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Suraksha Martial Art Academy

A Human need to be Surakshit from each and every bad thing which can hurt you either it is from outer source like bad people bad environment or bad conditions or it is inner bad things like laziness, anger, extra. We need to be Surakshit from both bad sources either it is outer either it is inner.  Suraksha prepare you to fight both bad sources. Suraksha always believed that learning martial arts any form it is not to learn how to kick or how to punch someone. It is about how to control yourself when someone push you to punch them. It is all about to control yourself. And making yourself physically strong and mentally stronger.  So, make your self Surakshit from these bad sources which can affect you a lot and can be barrier in your path of achieving your goals.

Vision and Mission

  • We Impart training to all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, culture and country. Our aim is to develop mind and body co-ordination in practitioner thus leading to their self control. this in turn helps them to understand martial arts in its true perspective. This infact is a way of life with a deep understanding of what life is, they become self disciplined.

  • The toppling down of master-student relationship is a major draw-back in today’s world. We re-instate this noble relationship and encourage and promote all other educational activities in other areas. Since English is a global language, we have a separate section to teach this language.

  • we offer a wholehearted support to other martial arts and help the practitioners of them to spread it if need be, cunduct research to enrich both sides. We encourage martial arts open tournaments.

  • Open up libraries collecting books on Martial arts, Philosophy, Psychology, Anatomy, etc.


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