Why in India Girls are not safe –

*India, a country where girls got worshiped as a human representation of goddess. After that also girls are not safe in our country. There are some observations which are the core issue of girls are not being safe in country like India.

. Indian society has been always a male oriented society. So as Indian men worship girls or women as goddess to follow their religion but they think that women are not equal to them in a term of mental or physical power. If you do not believe on that than here are some practical examples of that which is an observation of Suraksha Martial Art. And we can assure you that you will relate to these examples cum reality of our society.

. If some girls are going somewhere in a group than a guy have guts to tease them even in term of number girls are more than that guy but after that also that guy will not get fear from that girls. But in another situation if that group of girls have one boy with them that there are 80% chances that no guy will dare to tease that girls. What is the reason behind that? It is because boy have a mentality that group of girls won’t fight back because they are week but if a single boy with them than he can fight back.

Why Indian girl have lack confidence?

Suraksha believes that girls are stronger than boys. But it is a society issue that they put so much boundation on girls that they lose their self-confidence. Let’s start an example with new born child. When a child born than a baby girl is more active in comparison of baby boy, she cries louder she laugh louder she is more active even. But by the time and age goes society and family put so much condition on her that you should not wear this type of clothes that you should not smile that much, you should not go there, you should not talk to them so by the age of 20 she loses all her self-confidence. So, she does not able to reply these bad eve teasers.


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